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Payment Gateway

Whether you’re an established eCommerce business or you’re just venturing online, we have a payment gateway solution tailored to the needs of your growing business. All you require is an internet merchant account and our online payment gateway will ensure that you can accept online payments from anywhere, anytime.
We have official tie up with Payment gateway solution provider offering online payments/money transfer solution for Indian Merchants, designed to facilitate Payment Gateway System for small, medium and large websites with unique payment plans.

No Hidden Charges:
We do not charge any kind of hidden cost other than our regular plan specific listed prices for online payment acceptance.

Online Merchant Interface:
Our payment processing system allow the merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card transactions anytime, anywhere.

Highly Secure
Security is a key concern while making online payment over the internet. In other words the security means to keep all sensitive information, including personal details as well as credit card information confidential through encryption and using other security standards.

Prompt Payments
We release payments on weekly basis for all the delivered orders. However, you could also choose payment cycle from 7 days to 15 days or monthly if your business volume is low.

Supports all major International and Indian Credit Cards
We process all credit cards from India and other countries.

Authorize & Capture Partial Capture option available
Authorize and Capture' is one of the most important feature for payment gateway service and ecommerce website owner also. After successful authorization of an order,Payment Gateway's gives you total control of the options that you can choose for the transaction.

No Merchant Account Necessary
An individual 'Merchant Account' is a pre-condition for subscribing to an online payment gateway.

Quick & Easy Integration
Payment gateway servicea are easy to integrate in any of your website irregardless of the programming language or platform. It uses simple html form post mechanism. To integrate the payment gateway service you just need to post required parameters to the Payment Gateway's secure server.

Technical Support
Technical Support provides online answers to your technical questions. We offer reliable technical support through emails and our web site. Payment Gateway's is providing all levels of technical support. This includes providing services for simple customer service to detailed product information.

How Payment Gateway's Works

  • Customer visits your site, makes purchase decisions and now wants to pay.
  • By clicking on the “Checkout”button on your site, the final purchase amount is forwarded to Payment Gateway.
  • The customer is directed to Payment Gateway's checkout page where he has various payment options available to him (such as Visa, Master Card).
  • Payment Gateway then validates the transaction after which the customer is sent back to your site with the status of the transaction.
  • Payment Gateway then updates your accounts and also sends you an e-mail of the copy of your customers order and delivery address. On completion of the order, you can update your accounts and receive payments fromPayment Gateway.

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